Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A quick thank you before I meet you... #GBDoc #TADTalk2017 #diabetes

And so the countdown begins...

This is just a brief post to say that I'm really looking forward to attending the TADTalk2017 this coming weekend and hearing from the wonderful speakers. But more than this, I am looking forward to meeting the many, many, many members of the Diabetes Online Community (in particular #gbdoc) who have supported me through information, advice and encouragement since joining Twitter last year. They have been with me through the changes from Multiple Daily Injections to Insulin Pump Therapy, through the modifications to my diet and improving my fitness levels and also dealing with an operation and the knock-on effects on my blood glucose/ sugar levels. Despite having had diabetes for quite a few decades, I found it so helpful to have other people's suggestions, perspectives and real-life experiences of care approaches openly discussed and to be able to ask my own questions on a range of topics. This is just as useful to me today as it was on the first day I joined these groups, forums and discussions.

I have found their support and insight to be unique and powerful, and it has personally driven me to set-up social meet-ups in and around the place where I live, to increase the support for people with diabetes whilst helping to raise awareness of new technology and care developments amongst people with diabetes.

Therefore, I look forward to 'meeting' these wonderful people for the first time 'in the flesh' this weekend at the TADTalk2017 event and to thank them for their continued support of me and many other people with diabetes, who seek advice and support through social media and forums.

Looking forward to what I am sure will be a wonderfully educational and empowering event attended by many influential and inspiring people who have openly shared their challenges and success stories in living with diabetes.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the diabetes online and offline community....thank you!! 

Thanks for reading a quick 'thank you' blog post 💙 your shared experiences do help others!

Until next time, keep injecting 💉 or pumping 📟 insulin!
Ros x

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