Monday, 14 November 2016

Wearing blue for World Diabetes Day 💙 #gbdoc #doc #WDD2016

So today, 14th November is World Diabetes Day. Why today? Well this is the Birthday of Dr Frederick Banting, the doctor who co-discovered insulin with Charles Best in 1921. Today would have been his 125th Birthday. 

From their discovery, research and developments the insulin injections treatment for diabetes was developed and the diagnosis of Diabetes was no longer a death sentence.

So how do we mark this day? 
Well November is Diabetes Awareness month, and so there are many events that are arranged around the world during these 30 days. However, today is the day we all unite, as one force, to raise awareness together. On social media such as Twitter there are global tweetchats going on using the hashtag #WDDchat16

Also, on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and BeyondType1 you will find people with diabetes and diabetes advocates sharing stories, experiences and photos of themselves wearing blue to raise awareness.

So why do we need to raise awareness? Sadly this is where it can change to 'feeling blue' rather than simply 'weaaring blue'. 
Around the world, many people are still undiagnosed with diabetes, whilst others go without insulin...their lifesaving drug. Also, the access to treatment and technology is still a minefield, particularly in relation to funding and cost...even in this country! Not everyone is treated the same or gets the same treatment 😞. Many people still die from complications even when they have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Through these posts, blogs, events and tweetchats, we hope to raise awareness of the growing numbers of people being diagnosed, the complications we all can face. These complications are often not recognised or known, but can include eye problems, depression, anxiety, nerve damage, foot problems and in the extreme limb-amputation. This just heightens the desperate need for the best, urgent and life-saving Diabetes treatments and care. 

I am not trying to or looking to scare anyone, but simply to share the reality of the situation today for people with diabetes around the world, and to fight for better treatments for all.

Please help by sharing this post or other stories you've heard of and if possible donating to your local diabetes cause. You are very likely to personally know someone affected by this lifelong, life-changing condition. Your support is most definitely needed!!

Thank you all 💙 x

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